What’s happening, and what’s coming

I just wanted to share a few quick notes about what’s going on at KmacFab.

You probably noticed I had a modest price increase a couple of months ago. It was, in effect, a “cost of living” increase designed to keep me even with rising costs of materials, shipping, etc. In the time since, I’ve taken a hard look at where the business is, and its health moving forward. What became crystal clear was the fact that my prices were still too low to allow for growth and development, as well as shop and equipment updates.

If you take a quick look around the KmacFab website, you’ll see price increases, the largest coming to my single-line kites. I’ve always tried to keep my prices lower and make up the difference by working longer and harder. I’ll be 65 in a few weeks, and the thought of working 70 hours a week, just to stay even with the bills, doesn’t have quite the charm it did thirty years ago. 🙂

Over the coming months, I’ll be working hard on updating existing designs, as well as extending the lineup. I’m bringing at least one classic KmacFab kite back and will take a hard look at a second. In addition, I have a list of about a dozen variations on historical kites that I’m looking at to give a Kmac twist. Three of those are already in the early development stages!

One last note. If you take a look around the website, you’ll see some changes and streamlining. I’ve discontinued the T-shirts and will be trimming back on the “stock” color combinations on the shop kite pages.

Thank you for letting me, and KmacFab, be a small part of your universe, and for being a major part of mine.

Be well,

One thought on “What’s happening, and what’s coming

  1. You should absolutely raise prices cause working to break even doesn’t make sense! You deserve to make a profit and true kite people will completely understand!! Your kites are all beautiful and I appreciate everything you did for Steve and I. It wouldn’t have been the same without your help and your business! Thank you Ken😊💙

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