OK, where’s the colorizer?

Short answer- sorry, there isn’t one.

Longer version – I’m not publishing a colorizer for the kites.  I know, for some people, it’s a good tool to help visualize color combinations.  I prefer to be involved in the process of coming up with custom color combinations for those so inclined.

I’m continuing to take commissions for custom kite colors, but plan on being more hands-on (and perhaps more restrictive) about the way kites look when they leave my studio.  Simply put, I have a way that I’d like for my kites to look.

For the most part, my kites (especially the cellular kites) will have fairly simple graphics and a limited number of colors utilized.  I spend a lot of time on form and the interplay of components and the colors should accent that work, not overwhelm it.  I’m happy to hear your ideas for custom colors or patterns and will try and work with you to come up with something that is distinctive and unique.  However, please don’t be offended if I say no or suggest alternatives.

The way custom colors works is easy – tell me the colors you want, and I’ll send you back a drawing with a range of potential combinations.  In most cases, I’ll ask you for a limited number of colors.  For example, for the Reprise, it would be two.  From there, I’ll do a few drawings showing how your colors would look best on your kite.  In some cases, I may suggest adding another accent color, either as a pinstripe or a “pop” of color here or there.  In most cases, simpler is better.

Thank you for your interest in my kites.  Thanks, also, to those that have been customers and friends for the long haul.  My goal is to make you a kite that will serve you well as a piece of flying art for many years to come.  I look forward to working together to create something special.

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