NOTE: The Vixen is currently on hiatus, and expected to be back in the lineup late spring or early summer.

From the very first cobbled-together prototype, the Vixen has been a design experiment as much as a kite. It’s an exercise in form and structure. Beginning with the airfoil-shaped outer section, the polyhedral wing transitions to a flat and flared center. Add an inverted vee tail section, and this is a kite that defies the old rules about design.

‘Active flyer’ is probably a good flight description for the Vixen, and could apply to its pilot as well. I like a kite with a bit of motion and action. I also like a kite that I can play with in the sky, and the Vixen doesn’t disappoint. Give it slack, and watch it glide straight downwind, allowing you to let out a lot of line quickly. Drop the bridle a little, and it becomes even more active. With practice and a bit of tuning, you’ll be coaxing long glides and maybe even flat spins from your Vixen.

If you’re looking for a kite that you can park in the sky while you take a nap in the cabana, the Vixen may not be your bird of choice. But, If you’d like something that will keep your attention, and look great doing it, the Vixen just might be for you!

Vixen specs –

  • wingspan: TBD″
  • length: TBD″
  • wind range: TBD
  • sail material: PC31 polyester
  • frame: SkyShark and pultruded mix
  • line: TBD
  • custom price: TBD
  • contact me to order your custom Vixen!