The Mamba is being retired after Labor Day 2020 and replaced by the M3

The Mamba turned 20 this year. While not even a blink in geological terms, 20 is ancient in “kite years”. The Mamba’s longevity is especially noteworthy when you consider that its sail is essentially unchanged from the very first prototype back in April of 2000. The Mamba is one of those rare products of a craftsman’s mind and hands that come out right the first time.

If you’d like to have a custom Mamba crafted, drop me a line or give me a call. I’d be honored to work with you to put a Mamba at the end of your lines!

note: The images on this page are a mixture of first and second generation Mambas. Also included are a few very special custom kites that are either not available, or available at a premium price, but presented just because they’re fun. If you have a kite team or other organization and would like to discuss extra-special custom kites, please contact me.


Mamba standard –
  • wingspan – 95″
  • height– 46.5″
  • wind range – 3-16 mph
  • sail material – Icarex PC31 polyester
  • frame – SkyShark Nitro LE & LS
  • rec. line – 80-150 lbs @ 75-125 ft.
  • custom price: from $359
  • contact me to order your Mamba
Mamba UL –
  • wind range – 1.5-8 mph
  • frame – SkyShark 3PT LS, SkyShark P90 LE
  • recommended line – 50-90 lbs @ 60-125 ft
  • price: from $359
Mamba Vented –
  • wind range – 8-20+ mph
  • frame – SkyShark Nitro LE & LS
  • recommended line – 150lb-250lb x 100ft-125ft premium spectra
  • price: from $399