Tsuru (discontinued)

The Tsuru was created to fill a wide range of roles, from solo days at the park to flying with new friends as part of a pick-up team at a festival.

I don't consider the Tsuru to be a trick kite, but a 'performance kite'. It was conceived and crafted with the mid-level to advanced flyer in mind, along with pairs and teams. A major goal was to gear the kite towards the kind of flying we do for a crowd at festivals because I believe strongly that flying for and with other people is the way to stay enthused, as well as to grow kiting.

I was happy with the progression of the Tsuru over its first several months of development, but it was a last-minute change, on the eve of a road trip, that put it over the top. I added a little three-dimensional shaping to the sail, which brought out what folks used to call the 'Blue Moon feel'. I'd lost track of that characteristic a bit over the years, but it's back, in a big way.

Tsuru specs


span: 100.5"/255cm

  • height: 43.5"/111cm
  • wind range: 4-18 MPH
  • sail material: Icarex polyester
  • frame: SkyShark mix
    • P300 spine
    • 5PT lower spreaders
    • Nitro leading edge
  • rec. line: 90-150 lbs @ 75-125 ft


  • wind range : 2-9 mph
  • frame: SkyShark mix
    • P200 spine
    • 3PT lower spreaders
    • 3PT lower leading edge
    • P100 upper leading edge
  • rec. line: 50-80lb Spectra, 65-100 ft.

note: Some or all of the images may depict custom color kites.