I designed the MacStar in 1993 as an exploration of alternative forms and methods. A great flyer with interesting features, I built a couple for myself, which I flew for many years. Somewhere along the way, the star kite got put on the shelf while I focused on other aspects of kiting. A while back, I dusted off the old bird and updated the design with a bit of what I’ve learned over the years. The resulting kite is tougher, simpler, more consistent, and a better flyer than the original ever was.

As you can see, the body consists of twelve equilateral triangles, joined at the corners and supported by a simple radial frame. The MacStar uses simple geometric patterns for the panels of body and tail, which can be configured in a large variety of layouts, just a few of which you can see on this page.


MacStar Specs

  • span (point-to-point) – 98″
  • tail length - 21 ft.
  • wind range – 4-18 mph
  • sail material – PC31 Polyester
  • frame – .240 pultruded carbon
  • recommended line – 150lb Dacron
  • custom made to order
  • price: $619

Note – some of the images may show premium or owner-supplied options.

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