The M3* is a major update and rethinking of the classic Mamba!

While working on its stable-mate, the Tsuru, it occurred to me that some of the things I was trying might have a positive impact on the Mamba. Did they ever! The resulting kite retained its precision and pleasant manner, but the changes kicked the edginess and tricks capability up a level,  as well as made them more accessible. They also worked to extend the upper end of the wind range and dramatically improved speed control. It became an even more fun kite to fly and brought back the 'organic' feel I'd been missing in recent iterations.

The sail comes forward with the panels and basic shape intact, but all of the cut-outs and points of contact have either moved or been redesigned. The frame specifications and geometry are new for the M3. I think the only carry-over is the upper spreader, but even that's in a different location!

*M3 is a new name, as well as a generation designation, as in Mamba 3.0. You may see M3, Mamba M3, and Mamba used interchangeably.

M3 Specs

  • wingspan: 97″
  • height: 45″
  • wind range: 4-18 mph
  • sail material: Icarex PC31 polyester
  • frame: SkyShark mix
    • P3X spine
    • 5PT lower spreaders
    • Nitro leading edge
  • rec. line: 80-150lb Spectra, 75-125 ft.
  • price: $359
  • wingspan: 97″
  • height: 45″
  • wind range: 2-8 mph
  • sail material: Icarex PC31 polyester
  • frame: SkyShark mix
    • P200 spine
    • 3PT lower spreaders
    • 3PT lower leading edge
    • P100 upper leading edge
  • rec. line: 50-90lb Spectra, 65-125 ft.
  • price: $359


note: The images on this page are a mixture of first and second generation Mambas, as well as the M3. Please also note that some or all of the images may depict custom color kites.

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