You may have noticed that the Ichiban has received a bit of a visual refresh. I hope you like the new pattern, I sure do! It took a lot of work, but I think it takes the Ichiban visuals to a new level, with a more contemporary and versatile layout.

The Ichiban had several core design influences. Take a little Cody, add in a little Lynn, and maybe a touch of Bucky Fuller. Put it all in a mixing bowl with a bit of BMK's "do more with less" design ethic, and you get something special and unique.

I've built a lot of kites over the years, but none gives me quite the youthful joy of having a toy on Christmas morning, that I get with the first assembly of a new Ichiban. One minute, it's a big pile of frame parts and sail sections - and then suddenly it's something more, something that sometimes makes me say aloud to myself, "cool".

The Ichiban has this great backwards glide when you slack the line, so it's a blast to play with at a windless festival, but it does take an active hand to keep it airborne at its lower threshold of about 3MPH.

Is the Ichiban the perfect kite? No, probably not. It can be a head-scratcher to put together the first time, and it's not crazy about nasty wind. Is it worth it? Oh yeah! Ask the person who owns one!

Ichiban vs Reprise?

Ichiban Specs

  • wingspan – 114β€³
  • length – 86β€³
  • wind range – 4-16 mph
  • sail material – PC31 Polyester
  • frame – SkyShark mix
  • line – 150-250lb Dacron
  • custom made to order
  • price: $819


note: Some of the images may include premium or owner-supplied options, such as tails.

Ichiban Reviews

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  1. The Ichiban is the epitome of artistic engineering and execution. Flying it is equally impressive. The overall experience of my first flight was a tranquil connection with nature on somewhat of a spiritual level.

    Image #1 from Jim Desrosiers
    Image #2 from Jim Desrosiers
    Image #3 from Jim Desrosiers
  2. The ichiban is definitely one of the Crown Jewels in my collection. This triumphant design is absolutely stunning in flight and just as visually captivating assembled on the ground. A definite crowd pleaser. Highly recommend.