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The Cinta is closing in on the final stages of development. It just needs a couple small construction tweaks, but the performance is right where I want it. Rock solid in clean winds, and mildly active in stronger, gusty winds.

At 6.5 ft, the Cinta is a great size for a personal flyer, either as a single, or in a train or flock. It's also a perfect size for indoor display in your home or office. In a pinch, when that afternoon rainstorm hits, drop the back seat of your sedan and feed your 3 (or 6!) pack in through the trunk. I tried it in our Kia, and while I wouldn't want to drive a long way like that, it does fit!

And yes, there will be other graphic treatments coming, so stay tuned!

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Notes, more info...

I expect the Cinta platform to be an important part of my kite offerings over the next few years. You see, I'm beginning to experiment with "alternative" surface decoration techniques, and the Cinta makes for a perfect canvas.

Cinta specs

  • width: TBD
  • length: TBD
  • wind range: TBD mph
  • sail material:  TBD
  • frame: fiberglass and carbon
  • line: 80-100lb Dacron
  • includes 15ft "fuzzy" tail
  • kmac's shop price: $TBD

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