I need your help…

I’m writing this today, with my proverbial hat in hand, to ask for your help. Please excuse this long post, I guess once I opened the tap, it just kept flowing out. If you’d rather, you can “cut to the chase” at the bottom.

I don’t need to tell you that we find ourselves in exceptional times, times like most of us have never seen, and will hopefully not see again. As it has been for countless other small and micro businesses, the last 18 months or so have been hard for Kmac Fab./BMK. I’m used to the slow times, market shifts, and ‘fashion’ trends. I accepted long ago that my little business isn’t going to make me rich, and all too often won’t let me contribute as much to the household as my old-fashioned male pride tells me I should. I’ve been blessed over the last many years with connections to wonderful people, both on a personal level, as well as through my work. I’ve always drawn a tremendous amount of energy, focus, and a creative spark from the people that my work has put me in touch with. Not being able to travel, and not having occasions for gatherings, such as kite festivals, has been tough. I miss the smiles and the hugs.

I said before that the last 18+ months have been tough. They have been for most of us. For my little business, I’m used to tough. The road less traveled is usually not the smoothest, quickest, or easiest. But, the bumps make you resilient, and the twists and bends have a way of bringing you back around to where you need to be. This time, that old road has brought me to a place where it’s hard to see a clear way forward. Tough has turned to survival, and that survival mode is approaching panic.

All of this brings me back around to where I began, I need your help. There are a couple of things you can help me with on the road forward. First, if you like my kites, please tell people. Post pictures online, tell the stories, spread the news. Share posts and pictures on Facebook, on your timeline, and in groups. Put the kites in the sky, with a new or old friend on the line or lines. Help me keep the Kmac Fab Facebook group active and interesting, it needs your voice. I need to hear from you too! Let me know what you think with your comments and messages.

I’m going to ask for one more thing that’s a little outside my comfort zone. I need an influx of cash to afford taking a few weeks away from ‘survival mode’ and spend time on developing a new kite or three. I also need to make long-overdue repairs and upgrades to my little studio. The raindrops are falling on my head, and the flooring is crumbling beneath my feet.

I’ve set up gift certificates, which are available through my shop in any amount from $10-$100. Please consider buying one for a friend or loved one that needs an introduction to the world of kites according to Kmac. It’s also not too late to drop a hint or two for a stocking stuffer. If you think you might be in the market for a new kite in the foreseeable future, consider buying one for yourself. You’ve been good this year, and you deserve it! You’re able to manage your gift certificates and check the balance, right on the kmacfab.com website. You can even add money to it as a layaway plan. And please know that your purchase and support will be forever appreciated!

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