Good in, good out!

I see a few new names on the build list for one of the final Mambas and Tsurus, and I just want to share a few notes, in particular about the Mamba.

Both kites are capable of an amazing number of technical tricks but don’t be surprised if they’re not as pop-and-flop friendly as the current crop of hardcore tricksters. The Mamba can be an especially demanding dance partner and is very particular in what it’s going to accept. I find my kites partial to short, fast, crisp inputs. Best results in precision and square corners come from fast combination turns, with a quick return to neutral and a crisp acceleration out of the corner.

Both kites will demand good setups and good technique in order to reward you with the more technical stuff. Give it sloppy input, and expect the kite to laugh and shrug. Slow down, and learn good technique. They will punish sloppy harshly, but reward good flying in high style.

Have fun with your new toy. Take care of each other, and you’ll be skydancing for many years to come. 😊


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