Flames & Eagles on Mambas, oh my!


All of the “Flames and Eagles” Mambas have been accounted for. Thank you all!

I’ll be crafting a limited number of kites on the Mamba 3.0 platform, using two graphics I developed. The graphics used will then be retired. The two graphics are the “Moon Eagle”, and “Ghost Flames”. You’ll see a drawing of both in their available colors below. (order page)
edit: Orders will close Oct 3rd.

The colors are pre-determined, and there are no customizations. The only variations will be a choice of std or UL framing. Pricing is based on time and materials above the stock Mamba price. The “Moon Eagle” Mamba is $424 USD, and the “Ghost Flames” version is priced at $459. The price does not include shipping, taxes, etc.

The run will be a maximum of 15 kites, made at the rate of 4-5 a month, over the next 3-4 months. Production will begin on the first Monday in October, at which time ordering will close. There is a limit of one kite per customer. A $50 deposit will secure your order, and I will invoice you for the balance including shipping when your kite is coming to my table.

Kites will go on the schedule in the order received unless you specify that you’d like a later build slot on your order. Out of necessity, the schedule will be “soft”, and I can’t accommodate specific delivery dates or deadlines. I’ll let you know where you are in the build queue within a few days of your deposit and will publish a simple list of build numbers that will be updated as we go. edit: You can find that build list at the bottom-right of every website page that has a sidebar.

The order page is up now – https://kmacfab.com/shop/flames-eagles/

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