An update, a reminder, and an FYI…

The update –

The last time I wrote was about a limited edition of t-shirts with the proceeds going to charity. I’m happy to report that we were able to raise a little over $600 for the Wounded Warrior Project. The full amount will be donated as a memorial to a friend to many of us, Col. Norman Douglas (Doug) Charleville USA (Ret.), who passed away recently. Thank you, to all that made this donation possible!

The reminder –

I also wrote recently about a limited number (15) of special Mambas that will be made, and the graphics retired. As of today, 8 of the 15 have been sold, and the ordering period ends on 3 Oct. If you’re interested, a $50 deposit will secure your order today. Full details are on the “Flames & Eagles” shop page.

The FYI –

I’m discontinuing my sport kites after the 15 mentioned above and putting 100% of my focus and energy into developing a dynamic lineup of single-line kites, which has become more of my interest and passion over the years. If those 15 kites don’t sell by 3 Oct, the remaining slots will be available for Mambas and Tsurus ordered through my shop. So, if you would like one of the last Ken McNeill sport kites made, hit my website on Monday evening to see how many sport kite build slots are still available.

Thank you, be well, go fly!

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