kmac6149Ken McNeill Fab. (kmacfab.com) is a small-scale creator of high performance aerial art. My kites are designed and crafted solely by me from the finest materials available.

I’ve spent most of the last 25 years or so as a craftsman, tinkerer, and a maker of kites. I first did business as Aerie Kiteworks, and then Blue Moon Kites (BMK) a few years later.  In 2012, I shuttered Blue Moon Kites and took an extended “vacation” to figure out my next step.

I spent eleven years building BMK into one of the most respected sport kite brands out there. It’s been my honor to watch some of the best flyers on the planet do some pretty amazing things with my designs. I’ve even had the pleasure of watching a number of these folks fly my kites to national championships. I’ll always cherish the enthusiasm and support of the flyers and retailers that have honored me with their business and friendship.

In addition to sport kites, during the Aerie and BMK years, I designed a small handful of single liners on the side, and that has developed to become my passion. With the focus now on the single-line side of kiting, I’m enjoying a renewed creative spark.



I enjoy taking a concept, stripping it down to the basics, and giving it a bit of a twist.